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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

Yeah!! Received my new Advocate meter yesterday. First reading was 100 pts difference, but I attribute that huge difference to maybe it being the first reading and maybe not getting everything just right.

I have used twice since yesterday. This morning, first reading was only 14 difference, with Advocate being the lowest, and my mid-day reading was 46 difference, again with Advocate being the lowest. If the difference holds, I will make this my main testing meter since I test so often.

I like how it works. It's easy set-up, and the strips just suck in the blood, beeps when the strip is full and pretty much instantly gives you a reading in under 5 seconds, whereas the AlphaTrak may take a little longer for it to work. I like how you use the end of the strip to get the blood instead of trying to get the blood on the little point of the Alphatrak strip. The starter kit came with 10 strips, 10 lancets, the lancer, and 5 travel safety lancets, and calibration fluid, and the little zippered travel bag, plus 2 AAA batteries. And, Countryside Pet threw in an extra bottle of 10 strips (which gives me 20 total to start with). All this for $9.95 and free shipping from them. I am now going back to Amazon to order a box of 50 strips, through them as a seller for $26.95. Ordering strips directly from them is higher. But, I have found it best to check Amazon and the seller to see which is cheaper because sometimes they switch the costs.

I don't plan to switch lancets as the Alphatrak works fine and I can get replacement lancets at Walmart for $1.48 for 100 of them. The Advocate lancer looks strange to me.

So, I'm hoping this continues to be a good meter and remains pretty accurate. The way my Gus is running now, I don't have to worry too much about having a low. We're back to having higher numbers again and being on a roller coaster of being anywhere in mid 300's to high 400s, and a couple 500's thrown in out of the blue. Schnauzers are most certainly hard to regulate and I sure pray he isn't getting insulin resistant. I will be curious on how close the readings are for others here that have ordered this meter.
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