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Default Re: Advocate PetTest meter

I want to ask you, when you compare both meters, how do you do it? Do you use the alphatrack 1st & then the Advocate meter?

Do you lance gus only once or does it take 2 pokes to compare the readings?

I used the same blood droplet for both meters. First the Alphatrak, then the Advocate meter. I am lucky in that my little dog doesn't mind and his laying back in my arms on my lap while I test him on his upper paw pad (elbow callus). Where are you testing? I've only used the front paw elbow callus. Doesn't hurt him. I don't think I could test him anywhere else. I keep the hair trimmed close to the skin around the callus area.

We get pretty good size blood droplet most times. The Advocate doesn't time out as fast, so you have time. I have everything laid out on my chair arm, lance him, get a nice droplet, push in the strip on both meters and test the blood droplet. I really like how this new meter doesn't time out as quick and how it just sucks up the blood fast and gives you a quick reading.
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