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Default Re: Griffin... New to this and stressed out...

What a lovely update about Griffin!

Originally Posted by emz.buckley View Post

Sorry I haven’t updated but I have been sick over the holidays, it was lovely, but I hope everyone had a good festive period and a happy new year!

Griffin’s result came back and they were good... his cholesterol was down and nearly back to normal, his pancreas is nearly back to normal and one of the liver results had gone down again but the other two had gone up by a couple of points... but the vet was happy with the results, she thinks the liver may take longer to stabilise than she hoped but she is not concerned because his liver points are at 400 and she has seen them at over 2000 so she is happy... and we are relieved, lol!

He has adapted to the new dose well... he has had his moments when he has looked for food or looked at us hopefully but he is getting better at it... he has been very good recently but there are days when he falls back into old habits and it does stress me out because we are working so hard to get things level and he tries to get into things he shouldn’t and you just think, I am trying to save your life here stop trying to screw it up! But he is doing ok...

My question is, he is due for his injections this month, do they affect the diabetes? I just want to check before we book him in for them...
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