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Default Re: Heat and Diabetes...

Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
Hi and welcome

heat for a dog thats not acclimated to it is going to be difficult for the dog .

We live in the desert and heat is the norm in the summer . I bring a gallon of water on jesses walks and put water on her body and give drinks if she wants

she can handle quite high temps probably because she is use to it

Now heat will make dogs more lethargic because activity makes them feel hotter so they rest and thats what i presume is going on with your dog

As far as blood sugar for jesse i would say she runs a bit lower in the hotter months but i am just speculating on that
He has been more quiet during this heat wave and we are making sure he is drinking a lot of water, giving him cool baths and he has a cooler jacket on him most of the time but over the weekend he hasnít really needed it so with the temps going back up, I wonder if it caught him out and he just feels a bit ugh...

I just wanted to check because iím Kinda freaking out here, lol!
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