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Default Re: PetSure Test Strips

I was just about to ask your question Mike..I did ask on FDMB. After finding the stats and "insert", I ordered a vial $7.95 (with $5 coupon through today) I think the coupon code is for everyone..if not let me know and i'll list it. On FDMB, I saw no reviews but someone responded that they use "insulinX"?? never heard of it. I wrote company asking for stats but just found their insert that made me order to compare. On Ebay, the LosAngeles seller (not N.Y. one) has very positive reviews on Petsure strips.
Petsure insert...20180614_PetSure_Insert_English.

P.S. Write alphaTrak 2 strips in Ebay search box and 2 sellers show up. When I put Petsure glucose strips in box, only the N.Y. seller showed up.
Their stock is DECN @3 cents/share?? Interesting???
Boy do I miss FDMB..I did not ask for followup but the member just sent me a full comparison of AT vs insulinx results(not interested but I guess it's a freestyle strip)
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