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Default Re: Sable's road to regulation!

Originally Posted by ravenecw View Post
I gave Sable 4 units of the NPH this morning, will be testing today to see how her numbers are going.

I have also been splitting her dog food out (as she gets 2 cups a day I try to feed her 1/4 cup at a time thru the day, it seems a full cup at a time really pushes her numbers up fast). Today I gave her 3/4 of a cup this morning as she generally gets 1/2 a cup. Her bg numbers were at 120 this morning (again usually her numbers are decent in the morning) but with the new insulin I wanted to give the extra 1/4 of a cup just to be cautious- and then I'll check her in a little while and go from there.

Another question I have, once I use the NPH and get to where it is working good (hopefully it works great and I can use it all the time) is it possible to use it in the morning and then at night use the vetsulin (at the very least to use the vetsulin I have up) as it seems her numbers stay good thru the night with the vetsulin or is that something you wouldn't do... use NPH one shot and Vetsulin another shot.

Hopefully I can get the NPH to where it is suppose to be in the next week or two as after that she will have to be alone for a good part of the day probably. Hopefully she gets regulated on it rather quickly and all goes well for my next set of tests... i'm so stressed with all this... now a nap for an hour (or two) and then to test Sable again... thanks for the help as always.
Hi Eric,

Glad to see you posting again I was worried about you.

Sorry to hear you are still having health problems, I do hope you get good news and nothing to worry about.

I see you are trying new insulin I also hope this works for Sable

I can't offer you any advice on the insulin, but the experts sure can

Lucy is seeing really well but we still have up and downs with her Bg's as she is still on a few drops. Things can only get better Eric.

Hugs to you and Sable
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