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Default Re: Sable's road to regulation!

Originally Posted by We Hope View Post
I would not mix the two insulins. They are different species, different profiles, and different strengths.

I do know some people who use beef or pork insulin for their basal and fast or rapid acting GE or analog insulin for their meal insulin. They've been doing it for years and this is what works for them. Also knew of someone who was doing something similar with a cat, who was on a long-acting analog and using beef insulin when corrective insulin was needed. Again, this worked for her, but these are examples of using one for their longer-acting insulin and another species for their shorter-acting insulin for meals or bg corrections.

Officially, no one has done any testing on the use of two different species of insulin used in the same patient so there are no studies we can look at to give us any further information on it.

To me, doing this defeats the purpose of your switching to NPH because you need to see how Sable does on that insulin day and night.

When you make an insulin switch, you stop using one and start using the other. I would keep what Vetsulin you have in case you need to go back to it.


Thank you for the reply, I wasn't sure so that's why I asked- hopefully the NPH will work better than the Vetsulin was and I won't have to worry about it as well, plus I'll have the Vetsulin as a back up in case I need for some reason (or maybe I can find someone who needs it- again, not trying to get ahead of myself as I'm no sure how the NPH will work yet even).

I'm so happy to get answers from the experts though, I still have no idea where I would be without you all. It does seem like she will need more than 4 units of the NPH but it's early yet so we'll see, she does not seem like she is going low enough (however we still have all day so we'll see).
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