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Default Help!! Sudden acute blindness

Brussels griffon, 7 yrs weighs 17.2 pounds. Diagnosed with diabetes 10/06/09. At this time they discovered an ecoli- urinary tract infection. When initially taken in her gluclose was at 750. She was then stabalized and prescribed to have three units of nph insulin every 12 hours. And amoxocillin for the infection.
One day ago she was diagnosed with sudden acute blindness. The vet said this was due to the urinary tract infection still existing. Which as a result has raised her blood sugar.
Her gluclose levels are once again in the 700 level due to the infection is what I'm told. Her insulin shot is meant to last 12 hours, reaching its lowest point at 6 hours. Due to the levels of gluclose because of the infection her insulin shot is reaching it's lowest point at 3. They have increased her insulin to 5 units. She has been perscribed Clavamox for UTI. I asked about additional shots at the 3 hrs but was told this wouldn't help. Is it likely her kidney will fail & what else can I do? Does anyone have any suggestions or been though something similair
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