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Default Re: Help!! Sudden acute blindness


We'll try to help. When she was stabilized, were you getting much lower blood glucose numbers at that point? I'm asking because we need to know if there was a response to the insulin or not.

If there was a response to the NPH, then I don't see any reason why you can't use some R insulin in addition to the NPH to help bring the blood glucose down. People using insulin for their diabetes use the faster-acting insulin at meals to cover the food they eat.

I would believe the blindness is due to cataract formation from the extremely high bg's and not because of the UTI.

Am hoping that there was a urine culture done to determine if the Clavamox is the best choice of antibiotic to kill the bacteria. Sometimes without doing a culture you don't always make the right match between the bacteria and the antibiotic that will surely knock it out.

We went through extremely high blood glucose levels that wouldn't come down when Lucky was first diagnosed, but he had no infection, other diseases such as Cushing's or hypothyroidism which would have kept his blood glucose levels as high as they were. He had immune-mediated insulin resistance; his body destroyed all insulins that weren't like his own (pork is a perfect match to canine insulin) within a few hours of getting a shot of it. This is why I'm asking if there were much better blood glucose levels at first--Lucky's didn't come down until he was put on a pork insulin.

Please tell us more if you can so we can try to help you more!

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