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Default Re: Help!! Sudden acute blindness


Sorry you and your dog are having a hard time. Blood sugar of 750 is very high. Can you tell us more about what has been done to monitor and test her blood sugar.

UTIs are very common when a dog's blood sugar is not yet reduced to more normal levels. All that sugar in the urine is really attractive to bacteria. Once her blood sugar gets stabilized, this should be less of a problem.

Infections do raise the blood sugar but most likely her glucose is this high because the insulin dose is still relatively low. I was wondering if the vet has done a curve to see how she has responded to the insulin given so far.

Also very important to culture the urine sample and do a sensitivity test to see what antibiotics the UTI bacteria are susceptible to. There are getting to be quite a few strains of bacteria that are resistant to several antibiotics.

Cataracts are extremely common as a result of high blood sugar and can develop seemingly overnight. They can often be removed if the dog is a good candidate for surgery. But dogs also adjust very well to blindness. Our dog was not a good surgery candidate so he was blind for four years and it didn't slow him down.

I'm not concerned about kidney failure as that is not a common problem associated with diabetics. If there are any kidney issues, those would likely be separate and the vet's blood work will tell whether the kidneys are functioning well.

Are you using keotdiastix to check her for ketones?

With blood sugar so high, that would be a very large concern for me and she would need to be treated at the hospital if ketones are more than trace. I'm guessing she had some ketones when diagnosed.

I'm anxious to hear more... please do contact the emergency vet if she has a lot of ketones or seems unwell as ketoacidosis can be fatal.

As long as she doesn't get caught up with ketones, she should start to feel better once she gets more insulin and the UTI cleared.

You are diving in full tilt to the major complications of diabetes I'm afraid. But it gets better as the treatment zeroes in on the right amount of insulin.

Let us know how she's doing,

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