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Default Re: Sable's road to regulation!

Originally Posted by k9diabetes View Post
I don't have any more details but the concern seems to be that there could be more or less longer acting insulin in the Vetsulin than there should be.

Vetsulin is a "lente" insulin - it contains 30% semilente or faster acting insulin and 70% ultralente or longer acting insulin. FDA is saying that the percentage of the longer lasting ultralente insulin cannot be confirmed as consistently 70% so could be more or less or the right amount.

It may be that no one knows how long this has been occurring.

How does her blood sugar look during the day? Is it high and fairly stable at those higher levels or is it going through large swings between high and low?

Curves can change as you approach the right dose so if the dose is still way too low, you may see a different response with more units. Duration, for example, can be affected by there just not being enough insulin and will get longer as you get to more units. If there are really big swings in BG, though, you may not be able to give enough insulin.

Hi, I only got to check her 3 times today but so far it's ok...

249 at aprox. 5:30am
150 at aprox. 11:00am
196 at aprox. 3:00pm

I will let you know how things go as I go.... if it works as well (or better) I think i'd rather stick with this though, espciall after hearing about the Vetsulin. I will keep the Vetsulin handy though as it does work for her, just never seems to last the whole 12 hrs. It's wierd though, she always did seem that now and then she would be ok, but most of the time (in the evenings in particular) she would be really high. Anyway, I will keep you posted.
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