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Default Re: Bill and Otis

Hi Bill,

Just to say welcome...... your story brought back some bad memories.

My dog Lucy a miniature schnauzer was dx 3 years ago and for about 8 months previous to dx she also had a lot of prednisolone injections from various vets for UTI infections and we know now this was a contributing factor in her diabetes.

I was upset when I read about Otis crying........Lucy's sight diminished within 6 months of being diagnosed. We had implants done very sucessfully.

Bill all I want to say is do not get upset they adapt to the blindness, and you can only do the best you can for is very traumatic to begin with but it will get easier for you.........and there are a lot of wonderful caring people on this forum

You will get plenty of support with all aspects of the diabetes it is a learning process........think positive you and wee Otis will be fine

Once again welcome.

Margaret & Angel Lucy July 4 2001- May 6 2011
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