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Dear Bill and Otis,

Adding my welcome to those you already have. So glad you decided to post! Please keep us informed on how you and Otis are doing!

Your story of going out for a half-hour and coming back to find Otis sitting up on his bed and whining gently tore into my heart! I can tell, Bill, you are one of the Great DogDaddys on Earth. Otis is so very lucky to have you for his Dad.

Being here, I deeply trust, will be your cushion, where you can learn to cope with whatever comes up with Otis, and begin to relax, as he stabilizes.

It's very common, as I'm sure you know by now, for dogs with diabetes to go blind, and it appears to come on very suddenly. My Kumbi and I had that same experience. It may take a few weeks for Otis to adjust to being blind. You can guide him along the way, using your voice, leaving furniture where it is, as much as possible, giving Otis stuff he can feel with his paws to find his way (carpet runners?). Some people lay down scents; I used food extracts - cinnamon and vanilla, dabbing little tracks, with cinnamon meaning "safe passage; step here," and vanillia meaning "barrier; go around this."

How much it helped, if any, I couldn't really tell. After a few weeks, putting down fresh scent every few days, I stopped doing it. Kumbi was finding his way around fine.

He always loved his walks; we always took the same route along the roadsides, and he would stride out, straight and true - very interesting! He continued that even after his elder companion, Kwali, died. He was clearly using his ears, nose, and the tiny bit of light and shadow he could distinguish.

He was not a candidate for surgery for his cataracts, largely because we live in the boonies, and I didn't have the money to do it.

But he lived a happy life till he died this past 8 June (2010), not of diabetes, but of cancer.

Bill - I feel very sure you'll find this forum always helpful and supportive; it's by far the best of the number of forums on canine diabetes I've been on. Natalie, Patty and Peggy serve us so very well, and as you see, many forum members are helpful too. It really does feel like family here.

So do ask questions, at any time; as we have world-wide membership here, somebody is likely to be up at most any hour, and can probably jump in and make a suggestion if you're having worries.

Do give Otis big licks and wags, from my new dog Camellia (age nearly four) and me, here on Earth, and from Kwali and Kumbi at the Bridge - along with hugs for you!

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