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Default Re: Bill and Otis

Hi and welcome to the forum. Poor Otis, who is absolutely adorable, we've all been through this. My dog went blind very quickly at age 10 after being diagnosed and he was very frightened. he worked it out but wanted to be with me all the time. I had his cataracts removed and he did very well. Could see immediately.

What kind of food are you feeding him? You need to be careful with treats as they can add to the glucose issues. Make sure whatever treat you give has no sugar. Bits of vegetables or meat is fine. Check your liva snaps to see whats in them. This is one thing you'll get use to doing -- reading every label to see what is in it!

Hope you have good news with this new dosage. Let us know how we can help.
Forbin, miss you every day. See you at the bridge Buddy.
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