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Default Re: Abby Diagnosed about 4 weeks ago

I agree with tami home testing will give you a clearer picture as to what is going on and keep her safe

my jesse is on a raw diet also completely raw for 6 months she has 80 percent meat and 20 percent vegetables the opposite of you the veggies are green leaf type processed and mixed into the grounded meat to help digestion as you said the diet has improved her health and it has reduced her insulin needs which is a plus for my jesse because she appears to have a reaction to the nph but smaller amounts seem to lessen it to almost nothing

I have learned to listen to my instincts if I did not jesse would probably not be here to day so you have to be a pain in the butt sometimes keep those vets on there toes and be an advocate for you baby I have no knowledge on cushings either but you might want to just see if you can control the blood sugar at this time and testing will definitely will help with that just a thought

welcome to both of you and you will sort this out
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