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Arrow Re: Abby Diagnosed about 4 weeks ago

Barb - HUGE congratulations on your SUCCESS in testing! This is the greatest tool you can have to help your dog!

Some additional remarks:

OneTouch Customer Care told me NOT to "milk" (squeeze) the prick site to bring up blood; they said that squeezes fluid from between the cells, which can corrupt the readings some. Also, there would be a tendency to bruise the tissue, and you don't want to do much of that when you'll be testing again later.

So, to aid bleeding; you can try a few things.

1) Get thicker-needle lancets. The lancets, same as syringes, with the LOWER-gauge numbers are thicker than those with the higher-gauge numbers. Some lancets aren't labeled for gauge! - primariliy, OneTouch lancets, for instance! With the OneTouch lancets, the Fine Point lancets are 25-gauge. Those should work for you, with some persistence on your part.

Kumbi and I found 21-gauge lancets were MARVELOUS! Bled first time, one prick. It's not always easy to FIND 21-gauge lancets, though.

2) Warm the site before pricking. I used a paper towel that I'd run under hot tapwater, and checked for temperature so I wouldn't burn Kumbi. Then after warming - about 15 seconds - I'd blot dry with a dry paper towel; THEN I'd prick. That helped a lot.

3) Make sure, if you're pricking by hand, to sink the needle to its full depth.

4) If you don't see blood welling up quite promptly, you can prick again, very close to the first prick-hole; then sometimes, the two will merge, and you'll get some kind of drop.

(If you get a FLOOD of blood, don't use it; it'll only foul your meter!)

There's a start; I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. But if you try these things, likely you won't have to squeeze much. A bit of a squeeze won't hurt - just not a lot.

Those BG levels aren't bad at all, for a newly-diagnosed dog!

I'm glad you're testing for ketones; should do so when the numbers are over 300. Say, once a day.

Keep up the great work, and keep yelling for help when you want it!
Sun, 19 Jun 2011 07:27:59 (PDT)
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