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Default Newly Diagnosed and Confused

Izzy (28 pound Scottish Terrier) was diagnosed with diabetes about 3 weeks ago. She started with 5 units, was tested at the vets a week later and her levels had increased so went to 6 units and a week later was tested again and they were still up so she is now at 7 units. She is on another round of antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. She is drinking less than 3 weeks ago and she is less lethargic, although she is still quiet. She is eating prescription low fat dog food for her high triglycerides and treats are limited to veggies and occasional dried lamb lung. I am completely overwhelmed and worried.
Izzy's Mom - 11 years old, 24 pounds, diabetic since May, 2016, 12 units Humulin N every 12 hours; 1/2 cup Blue prescription k/s three times a day and a regular grain free greenie after dinner
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