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Default Re: Athena. Newly DX: Diabetes

She increased her from her first curve results but I’m not doubting my vet We think she’s very good Athena is a bit of a difficult case with other health conditions. Today was the first day that she didn’t want to take the shot she has been so good with everything and today was the first sign of what seem to be like she was just not wanting to do it period. We got it done calmly but inside I felt bad for her
She such a great dog and a wonderful member of our family. This just sucks especially after just losing our oldest, our sweet boy in December. We really thought she was just grieving his loss the way she was acting plus she has Cushing’s. Never did we imagine that her weight loss and not eating was a result of her being diabetic it just came at a nowhere it seems. Before our boy passed away she will eat the kitchen sink if you let her.

As for the woman who is not treating her dog with diabetes. Her vet is fully aware of what she’s chosen to do it’s not for me to get involved and report her to anyone. Seems that it was an issue her vet would do the reporting

We just lost our boy in December and are now faced with dealing with Athena and her diabetes on top of Cushing’s and our focus is on our dogs. We also have a younger want to think about who is healthy but still needs us just as much
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