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Default Re: Vet Info Network discussion of differences in Novolin and Humulin N

Very interesting~ I called Wal-mart to see how I could get Novolin N from them when I was getting Abbie's 2nd bottle of Insulin. They said no problem, you don't need a prescription, you can come & pick it up.
When I talked to the Vet, he asked didn't they require a prescription, I said no, but maybe it was that one clerk & asked him to call it in to Wal-mart. He did, when I went to pick it up, they said he had prescribed Humulin N. The clerk said I don't need a prescription for Novolin N, so I stuck with it.
I mentioned the prescript & different insulin that he ordered when I went in the next time. He said oh they are the same! I have been struggling to get Abbie's blood sugar regulated & Who knows what this would have done If I had changed.You learn so much on this site!
Thank you!
Elaine & Abbie
Abbie, 12 yr old black,Hound, Lab mix?Diagnosed 2/28/13- 21U Novolin N(eff. 9/20/13) Science Diet Adult lite 1/2 +Science Diet WD+ Canned WD Wt-61.0# - Abbie's Mom