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Default Re: Changing Insulin

Originally Posted by Murphys2015 View Post
Is it ok to switch from vetsulin to novolin N? I know the needles are different would the amount be the same in both types of needles? I give him 10 units in the u 40 needle, with vetsulin. I can not afford this and its cheaper through walmart. Also how can i test his glucose level? Please help I Love my Furbaby. I feel like my Vet wont give me information because it takes from him I kinda understand but he is suppose to save animals and if i cant afford I need his help.
We are in the process of changing insulin from Vetsulin to Novolin after two years. Many here had to change several years ago with Vetsulin became unavailable.

Here in Indiana, I needed a script for Novolin, I understand some places you don't.

Hang in there and welcome!
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