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Default Re: Hello! Rolo and I are new here.

Good news and bad news from our curve yesterday. I tried thought the green beans had no effect based on the urine test but I was wrong. I left out the evening snack all together yesterday and today and still got a massive spike

0745 - 220 (+ breakfast, 1.0U Levemir, 0.2U NR)
0945 - 157
1145 - 146
1545 - 212
1945 - 398 ( + dinner, 1.0U Levemir, 0.3U NR)
2145 - 306

0745 - 184 ( + breakfast, 1.0U Levemir, 0.15U NR- the drop yesterday was a little much)
0945 - 169
1145 - 121
1745 - 185
1945 - 375 ( + dinner, 1.0U Levemir, 0.3U NR)

Today's numbers were great, and if it weren't for that spike I wouldn't change a thing! Rolo has never had such consistency or such good numbers. Tomorrow I will start giving her dinner at 1745 with her NR, and leaving the Levemir until 1945, so the NR will cover the gap in duration (thank you "Using Insulin" for that trick). Luckily her night dose seems to be giving her adequate duration, judging from her morning fastings.

For now I am just going to keep the doses the same (0.15U NR and 1.0U Levemir), but I am sure I will have to adjust them now that they're not being given at the same time. Since I am going to be giving her evening Levemir at the peak of the NR, I want to make sure she does not get a drop from the NR so the Levemir doens't send her too low. I think the Levemir is what is causing the lowest number at 4-hrs post injection (146 yesterday, 121 today), so she may need a little snack before bed, but we'll see tomorrow.

I'll report back tomorrow with our results!