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Default Injection Tips

Hi Ida,

When dx Niki got her injections in her scruff anywhere from the middle to the sides of the scruff area, she usually never flinched, I picked up her scruff area, made the tent and injected at a slight downward angle at top of tent, never thru the tent, I could feel the needle as it went thru the skin with no resistance and then injected. I think Baby would flinch if you hit a muscle as they do at times when they get a rabies shot or she may have flinched if needle went into skin area, let me find some pics or if I remember tonight I will get my mum to take the picture of my injection. Ok was able to save the picture from the BD link.
Its done the same way at top of scruff area, see how the needle is going in at an angle.

Hope this helps,

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