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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed, having issues

Okay, we will move up to 15 later this week. I donít want to do more than one unit at a time because she doesnít seem to react well to the changes. It took like two weeks for her numbers to stabilize in the 400s.... if that makes sense. We will wait a day or so, so my partner will be home all day to spot test and then probably do another curve next weekend.

Sibhus- thatís good to know, Iím hoping we can get her numbers back down again. They seemed the best around 11 units but still too high. She was actually started on 20 units by the vet and it put her in hyperglycemia rebound pretty hard. Her BG wouldnít stop going up and up - to the high 600s before we realized what was happening (not sure how accurate this was with an alpha trak though). She seems to like the ketona enough, haha. Itís hard to get her to eat any food for long periods of time - sheís a picky dog.

Also, a side note: before my mom was taking care of her, at age 5 she weighed about 45 pounds and had for a few years. At 65 pounds, she still seems kind of overweight to me. The vet didnít have any comment on her weight at all which seemed kind of weird to me, but is weight loss even something we should be considering right now as well?
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