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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Kallie's story:

She weighs 9 pounds, up til last year she weighed about 14. 11 or 12 would be an ideal weight for her. Me and my husband want to do before and after treatment pictures. I'll figure out how to post them when we do.

She has always acted like she is starving as far back as I can remember. When my parents dogsit her (she is their grandchild) my mom always commented on how much she drinks. She seemed really healthy so I just thought I'd keep that in mind. Then it just got gradually worse as time went on so I didn't think too much about it. She started to pee alot more (every 2 hours or less). Then she got a UTI. I wanted to get her teeth cleaned but wanted her to get a blood test first to make sure she didnt have kidney disease or something else.. Her teeth are really nasty and thought maybe that was causing symptoms. That all came back good but - the BUN was high (45) and also her blood sugar (157) but not high like she had diabetes. High phosphates too. Second test her phosphates came back down. In the meantime she was also losing hair on her ears. Even after the UTI was cleared up she was peeing it seemed like every hour or less. I had started to do research on her symptoms which led me to Cushings, everything matched up except she was losing weight not 'gaining'. She was loosing so much muscle mass and weight she can't jump up on the stool we had for her to get on the couch. She has every symptom except 'weight gain' and panting. She shakes all the time and her hind legs are really weak. If the other dogs bump into her she falls down. Good thing she is only inches off the ground! She does have back issues but my vet is trained in chiropractic medicine (it works wonders) Not sure if the weak back legs and shaking is Cushings or back related, maybe both. (Hope she doesn't have arthritis - which would show up after cotisol level go down) She seems to have OCD - she licks everything, mostly the floor for 1/2 hour at a time and I can't get her to stop, if I pick her up she just licks my hands. Don't know if that is related to Cushing but it sure would be nice if she stopped that too! She kind of seems in her own little world, not overly excited to see us when we come home, that kind of made me sad. She has started going deaf since last spring, but she seems okay with that. She can hear me if i talk really loud. She seems healthy otherwise. Oh and she takes 3mg per night of melatonin the plain kind. I did buy her some minerals with milk thistle in it. And she also is taking probiotics because she seemed to be pooping all the food i gave her, like she was not absorbing anything. I thought that was why she was losing so much weight. She pooped about every 4 hours. That seems to have slowed down a bit now its 2 or 3 times a day.

Tests done were:

4 hr cort 12.0
8 hr cort 7.5
baseline 2.3
(Vet said results seemed kind of odd to him) He had them run them twice and same result. (3/16/09)

Endogenous ACTH 11.1
(Vet called the endocronologist because he was kind of stumped)
They said "significant magnitude to indicate pituitary-based disease when hyperadrenocorticism has been confirmed." Univ of Michigan

I picked up the mitosone gel and he showed me how to do it so I feel much better about it. She gets 1ml of the gel which is 200mg. Does that seem right? Got my prednisone!!! But had to ask for it - you've trained me well!!

Did I forget anything??