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Default Re: Angelina 13.5 year old/13kg Maltese Cross on Trilostane

Hi John,

The University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) is the only facility in the world that does the adrenal panel. They also do the panels for patients all over the world. Shipping must be done properly so the cost to you would be higher but your vet can contact UTK and get instructions on what to do. Just remember that Angelina would have to be off of Trilostane for about a month before doing the panel.

Quite honestly, if I lived in Australia and my dog was not doing well on Trilostane for any reason or I suspected that my dog had elevated sex hormones, I think I would forego the expense of a UTK panel and consider switching treatment to Lysodren. Lysodren is very effective in controlling cortisol as well as the other adrenal steroids/hormones. Estradiol is the only sex hormone that can also be found in other bodily tissues outside of the adrenal gland but Lysodren is only effective in controlling this hormone if it is confined to the adrenal glands. I personally wouldn't be too concerned about that as I don't recall any members treating with Lysodren reporting that despite routine acth stim tests showing post cortisol within range, their dogs symptoms remained unresolved for over six months.

If you are still interested in the UTK panel, here is a link to their website and be sure to share this with your vet:

If you are using a compounding pharmacy then I am unsure as to why they can't package 20mg capsules. Some pharmacies will also repackage for you so that might be an option if you and your vet decide to lower the twice daily dosing to 20mg. By the way, Dechra manufactures Vetoryl in 10mg, 30mg, 60mg, and 120mg capsules, however, the US has only approved the 30mg and 60mg capsules. I believe they are working on getting the FDA to approve the 10mg and 120mg.