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Default Re: Angelina 13.5 year old/13kg Maltese Cross on Trilostane

Hello All,


Isn't it odd that only one place in the world does the UTK type Adrenal panel? If we weren't all losing our life savings paying medical bills we might otherwise be able to pool our resources and establish a grant to get more specialist hospitals the funds to incorporate this test into their practices. I'll keep that in mind for when I win the lottery.

I'll keep Lysodren on hold as an option - I'm beginning to think I may need a new vet to point me at a new specialist. Time will tell - but after sinking $2000 into this specialist so far (not to mention another $600 to the vet before that) I'm worried about starting over. Especially if you don't know what you're getting. New mantra: lottery lottery lottery lottery lottery lottery. I hate to be thinking about money - but seriously everytime I see a bill it's like the receptionist punched me in the stomach!

I haven't been directly to a compounding pharmacy - the specialist simply handed me a jar of 100 x 30mg capsules of Trilostane. The original label - including handling instructions was obscured by the new printed label for Angelina to take one per day. The only warning on the new label was "Keep Out Of Reach Of Children".

Thanks for keeping tabs on Angelina's Tale (Angelina's tail keep curling up - so she doesn't seem too unhappy about things ) and stopping by to say "Hi". As for me - I'm cramming information into my skull, confused, sleep deprived, frustrated, worried, sad, 8 kilos lighter since Christmas (forget the Atkins Diet! The Cush Dog Owners Diet is way more effective! )

Thanks for your help as always!

Thankfully Yours,
John and Angelina.