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Hi Leslie,

I can't help with the medicine stuff but when I read about Crystal I thought of this training leash you can get at Petsmart. A guy I work with also works for an animal shelter and he often uses this:

He has used it on many dogs with great success. He said some dogs kind of freak out at first because they are not used to something on the top of their nose, but they get used to it pretty quick. He has even given a couple away. Couple weeks ago he saw a couple walking with a baby stroller and a young dog. The dog was pulling back, not wanting to walk. He pulled over and asked if he could help and put the leash on him, after a couple minutes the dog walked great!! He let them have it. Its worth a try??? It is kind of expensive though for a leash. There is a dvd with it, he had me watch it.

One of his dogs just passed away from diabetes, too bad I didn't find you guys sooner. I share all the info I learn here with him so he can pass it along at the shelter.

Hope you get all your other questions answered.