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Hi Leslie,
Your little story of Squirt and the Brussels just made me laugh. Sounded very much like Roxee in her hey day. Heaven help the male dog that tried anything on her or her sister. They made a great tag team. Rozee would bark in the dogs face and Roxee would sneak around and bite the dog on his arse and hang on. I still laugh thinking about it.

Well for the Melatonin, it's like you've told so many of us here. You know her better than anyone so who better to make that call. It really sounds like she is doing great and glad she had a good little vacation.

Teeth are always important and as you are well aware can and will affect her organs if not taken care of. We were in kinda the same situation with Mickee and Rozee. I was getting ready to take Mickee in to check if his eyes and hearing were getting any worse or Rozee for her teeth and a wellness panel, but then the bout of diahrea so we had to take Rox and Roz in and that made the decision for us. Rozee needed the bloodworkup bc her teeth are getting bad. So Mickee's eyes and ears will have to wait but he is still such a happy guy. Very nice that Goldie has attached herself to Jim, maybe Jim should nickname her shadow.

I don't know how much Ruby weighs but I have seen this support that wraps around the dog and has a handle on top kind of like a suitcase. Might be worth looking into.

Looking forward to seeing the video on Cry's. I just started laughing trying to picture this in my mind. With Cry's around, who needs a TV?

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about the girls, and yep, I can see why you call yourself the crazy lady but it does sound like a whole lot of fun at your house.

Hugs back at you and the Girls
John (Roxee's Dad)