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Originally Posted by JayneN View Post
Why does everything that is a 'good' thing, like Wal Mart selling the insulin at a decent price, always have to change for the love of the almighty dollar???? I think its rough for those of us with pets that use this, but there are people that are dependent also that perhaps can't afford the increase in price. That is sad!! We will somehow continue to buy Shadow's medicine, but it is really a financial strain to think about it doubling in price

I will discuss the new branding with the vet though and see what he says.

It is always something to stress about
Walmart used to sell the Novolin brand, then switched to Humulin and guess now back to Novolin. Someone posted on another site she just bought Novolin at Walmart for $17.88. She is in Texas. She also said that her diabetic poodle has been fine with the brand switch.
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