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Default CCAC Issues

Originally Posted by CarolW View Post
I feel the same way - partly, too, that having multiple sources is ALWAYS a good idea. However, the CCAC list, I imagine, would be VERY tough for a human whose dog has just been diagnosed with Cushings - being so very overwhelmed, the CCAC list is not going to help a lot with that. To put it MILDLY! They load you up with a ton of links. All good (as far as I've investigated), but they are ABSOLUTELY NOT a first line of Help-The-Human aid. Whereas, your forum DOES do that - really helps the human, and it also has a lot of more detailed stuff when need be.

So as I see it, the CCAC list and your online forum have two quite different functions. No question, the CCAC forum has really excellent information, and a large variety of it, and they are ultra-careful, too.

But I'd generally recommend to a newcomer to Cushings going first to your online forum, and staying there, also, even if they later also join CCAC.

Mon, 13 Apr 2009 06:16:48 (PDT)
Hi Carol,

Small world!
I'm confused though because you had unbridled enthusiasm about CCAC the other day judging by your tone there, you even asked permission to cross post one of my posts, which was in fact, a welcome post to a new member. So if I am to understand correctly, I and four other welcome hosts are not doing such a good job afterall....?
I hope you don't mind my responding to your post, but I feel that I must since, as a welcome host at CCAC, I can't help but take what you write a little personally since it is my job to initially welcome people, make them feel comfortable, allay their fears and point them in the right direction. I can't imagine I said anything to offend you when I also welcomed you the other day...?

I have joined many groups and forums in my time, and they have all been wonderful, immensely helpful and very supportive. And while each one is unique and the formats are different etc, I am not sure I could recommend one over another. In my experience, the new comers come in two forms- those who want to cut to the chase and learn as much as possible about this disease (or whatever other ailment has brought them to us as CCAC is not just for HAC dogs) and then there are those who are more in need of emotional support and for whatever reason, unwilling or unable to sort through the information available to them, not unlike the way I was at diagnosis as a few here from the old forum might recall :-)
I have helped both kinds of people at CCAC but sometimes it is a precarious position to be in as I am not an expert and while I am familiar with the material, the tests, the treatments etc cannot in good faith tell someone what to do and this is why I refer them to the files so they can get it from the horse's mouth as it were, and then ask questions. People joining CCAC are 'loaded up with a ton of links' and files to inform/equip them as much as possible in the belief that knowledge is power and since we are our dogs only advocates it is our responsibility to learn as much as possible. It is no coincidence that veterinarians like Drs Oliver, Feldman, Goldstein have been 'guest speakers' at CCAC and contributed articles.
And while friendships are forged there, and the occasional off-topic thread pops up, it is, in the end, mainly a group focused on treating the dog, not the person, or as you put it, "ABSOLUTELY NOT a first line of Help-The-Human aid" .
When Olive was first diagnosed with PDH and diabetes, I was so overwhelmed I couldn't make heads or tails of anything- even poor Natalie in exasperation had to actually physically scan a syringe and label it for me so I could grasp the idea of converting the U40/U100 thing... I'll never forget that. It was the sweetest thing.
Both groups were integral in getting Olive under control and it is thanks to both that she is still with me today, albeit with one less eye...
We all do our best but it doesn't help anyone to put another down because their style is different.

My apologies,everyone, for the lengthiness of my post and moreover, I am sorry to take issue with Carol's post. I am not an upstart and rarely get involved in controversy of this nature but I felt obliged to speak up in this case.

I hope you are all well and I miss you guys. I have had my hands overflowing with the brood of cats and dogs, a two year toddler and now a 4 month old, and yes, CCAC.
Eliza and Angel Olive, a schipperke in Greece

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