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Default Re: site is down - nice to be here

Hi Eliza,

I'm SO GLAD you replied to my concerns. I've been so swamped myself I haven't yet thanked you for cross-posting permission for the Muffin list (and I still have a question-fragment that should probably go private, so will ask you that one by private email).

| can explain briefly why I think CCAC will overload some, maybe even most, people new to Cushings. That initial overloading is really my ONLY hesitation about the CCAC Yahoo group.

It starts with files sent to new members - a lot of them, with a lot of links, but I don't think that is particularly discouraging; hard to tell, as the new member isn't yet directly in touch with the email list (or message archives, if they read on the web).

I am old, and long-experienced as a permanent student; even so, I, new to studying Cushings, find the extensive links are, at first, more than I can handle. What I do, then, is set the messages aside, though I save them all. But I remember, too easily, what overload does to ability and wilingness to BELIEVE you can begin to understand something. Simply, it's too much to comprehend, all at once, and even for a very eager and devoted new-student, I believe it boggles the mind.

A natural response is for the person to get up from the chair and walk away.

Perhaps, for new members, a solution would be to delay the extensive posting of links, especially adding them to the person's first posts. I think if you (anybody on CCAC) were to give them a week - or at least a few days - of membership, limiting the number of links to the very most crucial - say, no more than about three links per post, people would find it easier to begin their studies. If it were me, I might even limit it to one link to begin with.

In short, you'd be applying a form of First-Aid to the human, first, holding the human's hand!

Actually, Eliza, I think you do a great job of that. It's ONLY the extenstive links and the rapidity of their onset, so to speak, that I think many people could find so boggling that they might not stick around very much - yet - the massiveness and accuracy of the information you provide on CCAC is the very stuff of good life for Cushings dogs; of that, I am thoroughly convinced.

The greatest thing about your Yahoo forum is the combined accuracy and complete-as-possible collection of information, along with the careful attentiveness to every Cush-Human-Parent who posts.

The people have special hand-holding skills, seems to me. I believe they get past the initial terror and disorientation of a newcomer very quickly. It's odd, because I believe you, or somebody at CCAC, just told a newcomer to breathe. That identifies the first prerequisite to learning more- with top-notch accuracy. But a person who feels buried under links will have a hard time, at first, breathing, and might run away long before s/he should!

Incidentally, even though my own site is concerned with diabetes and NOT specifically Cushings, I've decided that since Cushings so often goes along with diabetes, to put links both to the online forum ( and to the CCAC Yahoo group on my links page. I just need to get around to adding the CCAC link.

Maybe if I tell you a little story, it will help. When I first got a Windows computer, I tried to understand what I was seeng on the screen. My SO and DogDaddy George tried to help me learn how to use the computer. I didn't know what to do; I felt paralyzed. George said to me, "Read the screen!"

And with utmost truth, I said to him, "I can't read the screen. I don't understand it!" And, feeling pressured, I got up and walked away from the computer. That happened several times. Everything was so unfamiliar to me that, literally, I could NOT read the screen. For instance, I didn't know what the icons meant.

It took me five years to learn enough about DOS to handle a DOS computer well. It took me another five years to learn how to manage a Windows computer reasonably well.

But a Cushings dog? I don't think the Human-parent wants a five-year learning curve; haha! All I'm suggesting, then, is, try starting a bit more slowly; give new people a week or two, and then start the links, especially, add them in response to questions.

Incidentally, I believe the human-dog team we've been talking to on CCAC is one of those disoriented people - revealed, for instance, by the action of taking her dog off Vetsulin because she thought somebody said "Vetsulin is bad." And she was right; some people HAD made some remarks like that. (And your post on the topic was magnificent!)

That person will have trouble learning from a vet who isn't all that great a communicator; needs a particularly good communicating- vet. (And I'll write to you privately with a bit of background there).

So glad to catch on that you're here, too, Eliza. You covered so many of my concerns, so well, that's why I requested the cross-posting permission (haven't taken advantage of that yet - too busy with patella surgery on a Cavalier - as a hand - or, knee- holder! (Lost a lot of sleep, but what else is new!)

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