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Default Re: Chris - Turned 14, Heart Rate is Up, Going to Vet

I can't see any obvious changes from the patch, which is having a tough time sticking to his skin. The gauze tape peeled off at the edges pretty quickly but the heart of the patch still seems to be intact. And it's not that he's hassling at it. He doesn't seem to notice it at all. It's just having a hard time sticking. They often use staples to keep it on but were trying to avoid having to staple him.

His heart rate is sometimes a little better, around 120. But it's very erratic. This morning I got 10 seconds of 160ish and 5 seconds of 100ish that averaged out to 140. I'm leaning toward the completely unfounded opinion that this is just his heart's "new rhythm." Just like when he suddenly went from 100-120 to slow doubles of 80.

Sometimes he seems a bit perkier from the patch, sometimes a bit zonked out by it....

I think he has been... not sure what to call it... more relaxed? He hasn't wandered the house as much and sleeps quietly through the night. That may just be sedation from the patch.

Short answer is I don't know if it's made any difference or not!

It should be in full effect until mid-day tomorrow so I'll just keep watching him. I owe the cardiologist an email update.

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