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Default Re: Chris - Turned 14, Heart Rate is Up, Going to Vet

So the ultrasound went pretty well - nothing found that was concerning. They were aware of his sore back so were careful in lifting him and got him through it as quickly as possible.

His back is very sore - he flinches with any pressure applied above his hips.

The vet suggested a fentanyl patch to avoid the gastrointestinal issues and see if pain relief helps bring down his heart rate and makes him feel visibly better.

So now he looks a little like a bus with a billboard as he's got a big piece of tape across the his right hip emblazened with the information about his patch. I'm thinking of shaving the other side and putting a "Your Ad Here" advertisement! Maybe he can finally starting earning some cash!!

The patch should get to full force tomorrow morning and last about 2 days at that level so we will see.

It was interesting... a lot of people have looked at me like I was crazy when I've said that Chris got stiff and sore in response to NPH and to a food allergy. His vet today said that he discovered the same thing in himself. He changed his diet for weight control purposes, cutting out some foods, and found that his aching and inflammation went away as a result. So the vet didn't think that was strange at all.

Chris' heart rate stayed pretty good through the u/sound too. I was there with him and checked it periodically, just with my hand.

I am relieved. Now will see what the pain patch does. I hope it works but it also costs $90 and is good for a maximum of 5 days... even by Chris' standards, that's pretty pricey.

Have to go email the cardiologist and then will be back to catch up on everybody else.

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