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Barney!!! you little cheese bandit; or should I say Cheese pirate? You would look kind of "bow-wow hunky wow" with a patch over your sore eye .

When Truffa had her eye ulcer, I made apparently a very "usual" mistake. I applied extra drops of her anti-inflammatory drops. Her ophthalmologist told me that THIS INFLAMMATION was a good one, the anti-inflammatories on this case delay the healing process. And poof 20 days under his instructions and it healed. But I also know that probably Truffa's case was more superficial.

What he did was : under topical anesthesia he debrided (shaved, and I almost fainted watching that)corneal epithelium and performed a grid keratotomy; he prescribed 20 tablets of Tramadol 50 mg (2 tablets twice a day) for pain and an Ulcer Mix Solution -(He made it, I don't know what it contained) 1 drop 3 times a day. By the second day she wasn't squinting as much as before.

Here are two links that helped me a lot. Hope you get well soon and we will keep praying for good results. (this one describes an ophthalmic solution with Adequan!!! very interesting)

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