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Default Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

OMG...I am just trying to catch up and I think my BP must have gone off the charts!! I would looooove to let her know that not only does my vet listen to me, he also listens to the advice I have received right here, AND he also, when stumps will post on a vet board only to post questions to ask other vets on the INTERNET and he'll talk to the lab techs...anyone who may be able to help. On top of that, he is very educated, much experienced and most of all compassionate. I am sooooo sorry you had to deal with this! It is complete bull!

I am also sorry you must deal with depression on top of all of this. If it helps, I have bouts of it myself, can suffer through panic attacks and ongoing anxiety...and if I got through the past 18 months of my life without falling completely apart, we will get you through this too! This is the best place on earth for support. My friends and family are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but the people here truly understand the ups and downs like no one else can...and stick by you no matter what. I don't know how they have tolerated me this long...

And yes, "crazy" is just so much better in so many respects any day as Leslie mentioned Life would be too boring!

So hang in there and I am sending lots of hugs and warm supportive thoughts to you and the hopes you can find a vet with a heart!!!

Beth, Bailey and always Scooter