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Default Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

Originally Posted by Kakesie View Post
But I am thinking my best move would be to bite my tongue, take the high road and write her a nice letter, thanking her for what she has done for my dogs, and apologizing for offending her. Then I'll put her letter to me and my response to her in with my dogs' records for the new vets to see. Hopefully they will be able to see that she was being unreasonable and that I met her rude response with only kindness back.
Hi Karen,

I think that's a great idea to write her a letter...but, I would only thank her for what she's done if you truely believe she has done some good. If it were me, and if I could bite my tounge after receiving a letter like this, I would focus on why you did the research...saying something like,

"I'm so sorry you felt insulted by my internet research...I never had any intention of making you feel scrutinized...I believe it is impossible for any vet/human to be an expert on everything, no matter how wonderful of a vet they are (I would gag at this point if I wrote this to her) - it's for this reason that I do the focus on the specific issues that ails my pups, because I understand that vets have many patients with a great variety of different ailments and one cannot expect them to keep abreast of every new test, technique, protocol, etc. for every kind of diease...I am trying to do the legwork by finding out if there are any recent developments and weeding out unreliable information before presenting them for discussion with the vet...the research is also for my understanding so that I can better understand what a vet is trying to explain to me and so that I can make better informed decisions for my pups..."

Okay...I was rambling. But I think this could be a good tool to explain where you're coming from to the prospective vets also.

Best of luck!! Keep us posted!