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Default Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure you loved and must miss your baby very much.
I don't think there is any right or wrong time to get another dog. You won't question it when you meet the right fur baby. You will just know it's right.
I had just moved and my circumstances were not ideal for having a pet so I wasn't even thinking about getting another dog, but when I came across a pic of my boy Max I had to meet him. When we met I instantly knew we were meant to be together. I think since he was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year we have grown even closer.....I'm sure everyone that frequents this forum understands and feels the same way.
Weather it be sooner or later I'm sure the right dog will find you!
Take care
Max is a 17lb terrier mix. Born 1/2014.
Diagnosed diabetic 3/2018.
6 units Novolin N twice a day.
Nature's Recipe Grain Free

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