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Default Re: Adjusting to blindness?

Niki gradually went blind, I didn't know it until she jumped up on the deck thinking it was our stairs.

I use my fingers to click for certain things to help her out, and she knows how many steps when I count outloud one-two-three-four.

Up now means obstacle like going up a curb and one always means a step down.

When we go to get in the suv I put her in position click my finger and say Up, Up then she will jump up. With her jump down I hold her lightly with her collar so she can tell how far the jump is, its the only big jump she has, but if I need to switch vehicles holding her collar lightly helps alot I think she knows from my hand on her collar to be careful with her jump.

The blind dogs group on yahoo is a good site for all the tips and tricks.

Dolly & Niki
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