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Default Re: Welcome all Cush dogs!

Natalie -GREAT of you to open this forum here! But how about the forum? Will that re-open? Is it a server problem, do you know? Something like hardware gone bad?

There's so much there that I hope doesn't get lost! Meantime, at least - thanks to the CC people for coming over here to help out!

My Kumbi only has diabetes, and I hope neither he, nor Kwali, my 14-year-old birthday girl - today - gets Cushings. If they did, I KNOW I have two good places - no, three! to go - the forum (assuming it will be back), this one, and the one I mentioned on Everything Else earlier today (a Yahoo Group).

Lynne - my continuing condolences to you; it is SO hard - glad you're wtih us.

Sat, 11 Apr 2009 11:54:48 (PDT)