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Default Otis back from Doc Bob's

Took Otis to the vet to check is eyes, a "tag" on his chin & for the vet to get a sample for a fructamine test.

A couple of tidbits of good news ...
  • Blood sugar was 228, which is much lower than any other test taken at the vet's office! ("normal day" - ate @6:00am & got his shot right after). The blood was tested @ ~9:30am. ... His lowest prior to this was 329, taken on a day I took him in because he hadn't eaten anything. Both his BG curves were in either the high 300's or low 400's.
  • Asked Doc about increasing his dose, and he said we'll base that on the results of the fructamine test.
  • Doc confirmed the only reason Otis vision is impaired is the cataracts that have formed. Great news ... because once he's adequately regulated we can look at getting his vision restored. ... At least we've got a chance!
That's all from Cordova.
Otis Farrell dx'd 12/10, best friend to his dad, Bill, for over 14 years. Left this world while in his dadís loving arms 10/04/13. Sonny Farrell dx'd 1/14, adopted 5/15/14. Left this world while in his dad's loving arms 9/06/16. Run pain free, you Pug guys, til we're together again.
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