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Default Re: Humulin vs. Novolin N causing lows - anyone else?

Changing from Novolin N to Humalin N was a real challenge
for my Miniature Schnauzer Mosby. He was pretty well regulated
on Novolin N, but when we switched to Humalin N we tried for 3
months and could never get him regulated. We kept his food,
feeding schedule and exercise all the same... So we were not
making changes all over the place. We tried giving less insulin
and tested daily and did many curves but just could not get him
out of the 300s and sometimes 400s. We finally switched back to
Novolin N and he was back in the 100s after one day.

I know some people had no problems switching but some do so
Each of us has to do what works for us. I'm sure Humalin is a very fine
Insulin but it did not work for us.