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Originally Posted by lyonellen View Post
I just went to Walmart to purchase insulin for Violet Sept 3rd 2012) and they said it now cost $70 I was paying $24 since 2010 they said that Lily was providing it any more. Does anyone know what is going on. It is the same product how can this be? I am stressed to the max about the cost jump.
The folks at the Walmart pharmacy should have told you that their contract with Lilly for Humulin had expired, but there is now a contract with Novo Nordisk for Novolin insulins. Novolin-N is pretty much the same as Humulin-N. some stores might not have either insulin in stock, but should have Novolin-N soon. Ask for ReliOn Novolin. We think the price is the same $24.88 that they were selling the Humulin for.
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