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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Looks like I never posted here, so I'll post for other's reference.

Name: Jinx
Weight: ~73 lbs.
Breed: Rottweiler
Lived to 13.5 years. Diagnosed at 10 years, 5 months.
Insulin: Novolin N
Dose: Increased as she got older. Started at 14u, then was around 17 for a while. Was at 19-21 in her last six months or so. Twice a day.
Exercise: A few 1/2 mile or so walks when able. In her last year we would just go for short walks based on where she wanted to go. Once her vision was pretty much gone, she didn't like leaving the usual path.
Diet: Royal Canin Renal Support A for most of the time after diagnosis.
Meter: AlphaTrak 2. Checked before every meal and if we suspected low BG.
Other Meds: She consistently took Enalapril for her kidneys, Soloxine for thyroid, and Famotidine for her stomach. Various supplements over the years - Glycoflex was probably the most constant.

Challenges: As noted, she also had kidney disease and bouts of pancreatitis so we were usually trying to prioritize what to focus treatment on. My vet did research on diets for a dog with multiple issues, and there isn't much out there. The Renal Support A wasn't her favorite food, but seemed to be OK for the diabetes.

She was also tough to regulate. She would have stretches where her BG would be in a good pattern, but then it was spike and be tough to knock down. Maybe it was some other issue causing a reaction. I'd increase the dose a bit and I'd adjust again when it started showing signs of going back down again.

She developed cataracts pretty quickly, but still seemed like she could see shadows or something for a while and she clearly navigated by smell for the most part. Walking to a sidewalk we didn't usually use led her to be very cautious of taking a step forward, but if we stayed on our usual path she was good and knew when we got across the street from the house.
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