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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

1 noodle around 11am/pm-12am/pm..a pasta noodle?
1/2 vitamin..What type and is this important?
1/4 t d-mannose..Why?

Yes, a pasta noodle. The 11-12 noodle is because she needs a carb snack midway through until her next insulin injection. Keeps her fasting nice. If she doesn't get her noodle, her fasting will be in the 4-500's. She gets one Ronzoni brand rotini both day and at night. I use automatic dog food feeders, one in the kitchen for when I'm at work and one on my bed for nighttime. Both feeders have a microphone so you can call your dog in your own voice. The one on my bed, I whisper "Daisy, wake up, time to eat your noodle." hahaha. She sleeps next to the feeder instead of me! The one in the kitchen has a loud human whistle with me yelling "Daisy, come get your noodle!!!" It repeats 3 times which is annoying because she's usually at the feeder and eats her noodle before the voice message comes on (she hears it spinning around) but whatever works.

Vetriscience Canine Plus Senior Multivitamin because I home cook for her and she gets very little kibble. She gets 1/2 tablet per dosage recommendation for her weight. I also give her a little seaweed calcium.

1/4 t d-mannose I give at night. Daisy has a hx of UTI's and studies have shown the d-mannose keeps the bacteria from sticking to the cells in the urinary tract system, so they essentially just pee it out. It has cut down her UTI's quite a bit. The longer the d-mannose is in the bladder, the better it works. It is a form of glucose but is not metabolized very well, so it doesn't affect blood sugar.
Daisy 11 1/2 y/o 20lb Mini Schnauzer - 115g chicken breast, 45g chana dal, 55g green beans all chopped in a food processor, 20g Hills Perfect Weight, 1 tbs pumpkin, 5.5 units Novolin N q12h. Other meds-1/4t d-mannose twice daily, 1 Proviable DC daily, 1 multivitamin, 1/4t ground eggshells each meal, 1200mcg methyl B12 daily, 5mg zyrtec daily
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