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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Name/breed: Lucy, mystery mix, 58 lbs

Diet: feeding Wellness Core Reduced Fat now but her BG really spikes after eating so I may have to look for another alternative. I tried home cooking after she had a bout of diarrhea but it just wasnít working for us. Too much protein and the diarrhea got worse and I just couldnít figure out the right mix and a combo she would eat. I finally transitioned her back to a dry but the spike after eating is HUGE. It has potatoes and Iím guessing thatís the problem. Unfortunately low glycemic carbs like lentils and chickpeas give her reflux.

Insulin: just started levemir after trying Novolin N and Novolin 70/30 over past two months. Dosage ranges from 2-3u 2x/day. The vet gave me a variable dosage chart and her dose is based on her fasting BG at that moment. I know thatís not the norm but I think itís because levemir is long acting so thereís potential for overlap. Weíve only been using a few days and dosage will def need lots more tweaks.

Meter: alphatrak2, but I also have a one touch mini and Iím hoping it will be accurate enough to use once sheís somewhat regulated since there are strips that are MUCH cheaper for it
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