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Default Re: Diabetic Dog Not Sleeping.. Any Ideas?

Hi, we are struggling with him at the minute. He is currently on Cansulin on 7.5 twice a day- however the last few days he has not been himself, he has being weeing and soiling in the house, increasing hungry at night (I would say 10pm onwards) thirsty, not settling and at times he has been shaking. We have today controlled this with honey. I am under the impression his blood is high due to the other signs?
I am really finding that my vet doesn’t know what to reccemend anymore, in general they are offering blood tests and telling us to either increase or decrease the insulin which is not actually giving us a result.
Currently he is not himself, he is panting heavily, refusing to go out for a walk and just in general not right. We will be booking him into the vets yet again tomorrow but just wondered if anyone had any advice as we are at our wits end.
Thankyou !
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