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Default Re: Update on Roscoe

Chris had a couple of fructosamine tests in 2003 when he was honeymooning and confusing everyone with his constantly low blood sugar.

On that IDEXX test in 2003, the reference ranges were:

260-378 = normal
400-500 = Good control for a diabetic dog
500-600 = Fair control for a diabetic dog
Greater than 650 = Poor control for a diabetic dog.
(for some reason they left out 600-650)

Then in 2005, he had a fructosamine test and the scale was somewhat different.

260-378 = normal
Less than 300 = prolonged hpyoglycemia
350-400 = Excellent diabetes control
400-450 = Good diabetes control
450-500 = Fair diabetes control
Greater than 500 = Poor diabetes control

Both were IDEXX tests so it looks like they revised the levels.

I seem to recall there was one with a much different scale but haven't found that one yet.