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Default Re: Medical Terms, Lab Tests, etc.

Cultures and Sensitivity Testing for Infections

Cultures and Sensitivity Tests--What, When, Why

LabTestsOnline-Understanding Urine Cultures

LabTestsOnline-Understanding Susceptibility

Merck Veterinary Manual Online-Serum Biological Reference Ranges (Glucose, etc. is here)

Merck Veterinary Manual Online-Hematological (Blood) Reference Ranges

Merck Veterinary Manual Online-Urine Volume and Specific Gravity

Lab Tests that require fasting and those that don't-Antech Diagnostics

Merck Veterinary Manual-Normal Rectal Temperatures

Merck Veterinary Manual-Normal Heart Rates

Merck Veterinary Manual-Normal Resting Respiratory Rates

Definitions and Abbreviations of Veterinary Terms-Washington State University

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