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Default Re: Vetsulin - FDA Warning

I just spoke to the vet at Schering Plough. First there is no time line developed for a fix. It could be months. It affects Vetsulin and Caninsulin. It's a global issue.

Natalies assumption is correct. It does NOT affect the short acting portion of the insulin. It does affect the longer acting portion where the affect could be STRONGER or LONGER, so its really important to make sure that your dogs lowest point is ok and also that its affect is completed before you give them their next shot if you are going to stay with this insulin.

She agreed that if you are seeing no difference after several injections from a new bottle that it was not affected by this problem. It will be consistent with the vial.

She also emphasized that is very very important to make sure you do a good job suspending/mixing the insuling before drawing, being more cautious than ever.

She didn't say but she was clearly concerned that people understand these points if they weren't switching to a new insulin.
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