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Default Re: Vetsulin - FDA Warning - Schering Plough

From the Vetsulin Website:

Whether this issue affects Caninsulin remains an open question. Apparently this warning has not been posted on Intervet's sites in other countries where Caninsulin is used. We have conflicting reports here about whether Caninsulin is involved.

I also do not know what the consequences would be of hundreds to thousands of people ordering Caninsulin from other countries if Caninsulin is not affected.

My sense from all I'm hearing from Schering Plough is that they are suggesting switching dogs to another insulin not so much because of the quality issue but because they expect significant lack of supply.

Trying to hold out with a handful of bottles could be difficult too... We have had reports of people being unable to extend the use of an opened bottle much more than 30 days so small dogs might need a larger supply of bottles of insulin even if they don't use a lot of units per injection.

For big dogs burning through a bottle of insulin quickly, the supply problem could be a big one.

For big dogs especially, NPH would be well worth trying if you haven't tried it before. With Vetsulin you have to inject a lot of volume of the U40 insulin. The costs savings are substantial too considering how many more units you get from U100 NPH than from U40 Vetsulin. And if it doesn't work as well, you can always go back to Vetsulin after things return to normal.